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March 2015
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My Final Days At LEX18

It’s very bittersweet to share with everyone that I’m leaving Lexington and WLEX in a few weeks to take a job doing the sports at KXAN, the NBC affiliate in Austin, Texas.
First things first, there was absolutely no ill will in this decision. I love LEX18 and as far as I can tell, they [...]

Did You Know DeMarcus Cousins Has A Brother?


These are two videos of Jaleel Cousins. Since older brother DeMarcus is ‘Big Cous’ I guess you could call Jaleel ‘Little Cous.’ Except that he’s 6-foot-10 and 265 pounds.
The younger Cousins is a senior in high school in Mobile, Al. and holds a scholarship offer from Seton Hall, according to The site also lists Murray [...]

Cats In The NBA: 2011/2012 Season Preview

Fifteen former Kentucky basketball players will be on NBA rosters when the league begins its season on Christmas Day.
Only two schools, Duke (17) and UCLA (15) have produced as many or more current NBA players.
Here’s a preview of what to expect from the 15 Wildcats in the league.
Eric Bledsoe (Clippers) Still recovering from knee surgery [...]

Projecting Average Points Per Game

One of the best parts about the pre-Christmas part of the schedule is watching John Calipari figure out the rotation he will use the rest of the schedule. Last season, only six guys consistently logged meaningful minutes. But Calipari likes to use eight or nine players and has said he hopes to have that many [...]

Kentucky and Florida: The Silver Anniversary Of Losing Edition

Before the season, while I was making my preseason predictions, I had two sneaking suspicions. One was that Kentucky would lose to Louisville. The other was that they would bounce back and upset Florida the following week.
I’d like to say I had compelling reasons for either pick, but for the most part, I didn’t. As [...]

Projecting The NFL Future Of Randall Cobb

It’s huge understatement to say that it was really cool for all of us in the Commonwealth to see Randall Cobb play so well last night in his first game in the NFL.
It has interested me to hear what former players Cobb gets compared to as the NFL community gets to know one of [...]

Should Joker Consider Changing His Message – For His Sake?

In October and November when those of us in the media flock to John Calipari’s press conferences, we all know what is coming.
You can see each of us sneak glances back and forth at each other and roll our eyes as Calipari spends his twenty minutes embelishing explaining all the shortcomings that his team [...]

Future Was Bright For Injured Collins

Like everyone, I was disappointed to hear today that Cats freshman wide receiver Daryl Collins will miss this season after suffering a serious knee injury. Collins was among the first names you heard creating some buzz when the Cats’ newcomers reported to campus in June. It’s hard to know exactly what sort of impact he [...]

Good Reviews For Bryan Station’s Miller

Joker Phillips has yet to get the chance to work with the new crop of freshmen who arrived on campus in June. If you’re not a strength coach, NCAA rules prohibit you from working directly with the players this time of year. But Phillips says he can sense a buzz around the program that stems [...]

Ohio State vs. Kentucky Feels Like Fate

If you believe in the existence of the basketball gods and their almighty power over the hardwood, than it makes perfect sense that Kentucky and Ohio State are meeting Friday in what is unquestionably the biggest game of the Cats’ season.
After all, it feels like this just had to happen.
Many years from now [...]