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August 2014
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Good Reviews For Bryan Station’s Miller

Joker Phillips has yet to get the chance to work with the new crop of freshmen who arrived on campus in June. If you’re not a strength coach, NCAA rules prohibit you from working directly with the players this time of year. But Phillips says he can sense a buzz around the program that stems from the way the newest group of players is impressing their strength coaches and upperclassmen teammates.

Apparently one of the guys who is raising some eyebrows is offensive lineman Darrian Miller. Miller is a Lexington native who attended Bryan Station High School. He was one of the Cats’ most highly touted recruits a year ago, receiving a four star ranking from The recruiting service ranked him as the No. 17 offensive tackle in the class of 2011.

Phillips says one of the big differences in the program now is that players can identify guys who are the real deal because they’re used to working out next to NFL-caliber talent. So when a player like Miller immediately raises their eyebrows, he takes it as a very good sign.

This all comes straight from Phillips, who spoke to the Rotary Club Thursday afternoon in Lexington. As he put it, winning the in-state recruiting battle will always be a top priority but finding “legs and arms” (read: skill players with SEC caliber speed) will largely come from outside of Kentucky. The offensive line is a spot he thinks he’ll be able to keep well stocked with home grown talent. Miller is a great example. So is this year’s o-line, the unit Phillips (and most pundits) say will be the team’s biggest strength. Four of the five starters on this year’s unit are from Kentucky. For that reason Miller likely will be hard pressed to play his way on to the field much this season – in fact a redshirt year is certainly a possibility – but then again…you never know.

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