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March 2015
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May 6…video

In tonight’s Weather VideoBlog we look back on the incredibly wet Derby weekend…talk about our brush with history and basically why the week looks pretty wet…enjoy!

May 1…video

After a glorious beginning to May, Thursday’s weather still looks good.  However, as we approach Oaks and especially Derby Day our weather may be heading in the wrong direction…It’s the Bizarro World edition of the LEX 18 Weather VideoBlog

April 29…video

In tonight’s Weather VideoBlog we’ve got some much warmer late spring weather arriving beginning on Tuesday.  Of course all weather eyes are on Friday and Saturday for the Oaks and Derby forecasts…we’ve got a look at those too with a nifty model analysis.  We’re also emphasizing just how amazing the overall weather pattern is…not just a bit unusual, but almost unprecedented.

April 26

It’s baaaaack…and just in time for your weekend.  Our Weather VideoBlog and tonight’s episode talks about why this year’s Derby and Oaks weather might be something to remember (or forget!).  There is potential (POTENTIAL…) for some amazing cold late next week.  Amazing may not even be the right word if this comes to fruition as it appears in model land.  There are HUGE differences in the mid range models and we show you those in the the Webcast.

Apr 9…quick written one (just for you Andy R)

Tuesday saw the first 80 degree day of 2013 as we topped out at 81°. The last time we hit 80 was way back on September 14 making this 206 days between 80s. This is the 18th longest stretch without an 80 since 1900. For comparison sake, the last time we went longer was in 2003-04 with 209 days. The longest such streak was in 1915-16 when we went 222 days. One other note for historical perspective, many of the shortest streaks occurred in the 1930′s and 40′s that were in the 150 day range. Even as warm as we were last year, we went 161 days between 80s. One other fun fact to know and tell and this one is really obscure as you wouldn’t normally think to look for it, but I just stumbled across it while doing this research…last year’s last 80 was the 2nd earliest on record surupassed by 1966′s September 13th.

We get one more hot day on Wednesday with highs back in the 80s.  Thunderstorms…may be strong or severe Thursday.  The new WRF run (0z wed) looked more active for us Thursday afternoon, so we’ll need to stay weather aware and of course we’ll keep you updated.

We’ve reversed the pattern at least for now.  Instead of 1 or 2 day warm shots in a sea of cold, now our cold shots are 1 or 2 days in a sea of warmth.

With that…Enjoy your Wednesday!

April 8

Springtime warmth FINALLY arrived…in tonight’s Weather VideoBlog we talk about the arrival of the warmth…how much longer it looks to last…and Bill’s favorite weather :-)

Enjoy the warmth through the middle of the week!

April 3rd

In tonight’s Weather VideoBlog we talk about the anniversary of the Super Outbreak of 1974 and compare it to the horrible day last March 2nd.  We also talk about some new wordings to tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings.  Finally we talk about our spring-spring-spring!

The folks at the NWS in Louisville put together a nice page looking back at the Super Outbreak.

and this is another dandy site…

Remember as spring time warmth returns, so will the severe weather threats.

Enjoy your Thursday!

April 1…vid

No foolin’…the VideoBlog is back and after 1 more cold shot spring may actually arrive…hopefully.


March 28…vid

Facebook is not letting us upload tonight’s weather videoblog…to paraphrase Homer Simpson, “Stupid facebook”.  So you folks over here on the ol’ blog side are the only humans on the planet that will get to see tonight’s fun and frivolity.  Luckily our weather is remaining pretty uneventful (but hey we did hit 50 today!) We do have a few showers in the forecast tomorrow, especially in the south with highs getting into the low 50′s area wide.  I’m sure the crack staff at facebook will get right on this video problem :-)

Thursday Night Videoblog

March 27…video

In tonight’s Weather VideoBlog it’s a short and sweet excursion into our slowly improving weather and why normal is a tough thing to come by (and don’t we know it back here!)…Enjoy!